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Internet of Everything (IoE)

With the population growth in the urban areas, cities now deal with new challenges: traffic, pollution, and the limitation of resources, are, among others, the main problems. Solutions for smart and connected cities render these problems null and push urbanism towards sustainable growth.

Smart Cities:

Connected Stadiums

Connected Flights

Software Defined Networks (SDN)

In Silk Technologies we use the SDN to deploy net services in a deterministic, dynamic and scalable way, thus avoiding the Net Admin any low-level scavenge.

SDN has already changed the design and management of the Net. It has two defining specs:

1. SDN divides the control level from the data level

2. SDN strengthens the control level

Therefore, apps now control several items in the data level.

SDN replaces the manual interface with a programmed interface which automates tasks, assists in the configuration and administration of Net policies and allows the Net to react dynamically to phenomena.

IIOT: Industrial Internet of Things

The industry tends towards a total interconnection between equipment, machines, supervision systems and conduction systems; everything occurs amidst the irruption of Cloud services. The industry drives to convergence: with this premise, it's mandatory to restructure oneself around the Net.

The Network services used upon the oil&gas industry provide scope, management and incredible scalability like never before and for a fraction of the toll the traditional means of expansion provide.

The concept of the Industrial Internet of Things is not revolutionary. In the end, the sensor has always been linked with a PLC. What will now change is the medium: before, it was an analog signal; now, it will be Ethernet. This is why we must strengthen our networks and rethink our plans on the industrial Nets.

Transformational Projects

Knowledge Access Centers.

This initiative incorporates I&T tech and delivers it to the service of communitarian development -- it is through digital inclusion that full social inclusion will be gained statebound. This way, the State reinforces itself as the leading actor in the search of inclusion through the Communications field.

National Telemedicine Program

National telemedicine implies the development of Cybercare services, innovating in the procedure, prevention programs and medical treatments. Healthcare centers through all Argentina participate in this program, with the aim of promoting local resolution of health problems (as opposed to commuting towards a metropolitan area), foster the regionalization of the attention and collaboration between specialists, and promoting the continuous formation of human resources.

The program implements 3 different videoconferencing rooms, each one with different tech and mobiliary items; according to the needs of the institution and in consonance with the available space, one of the rooms will be installed rather than the other.

Hospital Garrahan's Telemedicine Network

Its objective is to solve child health issues remotely and coordinately. It promotes continuous medical formation and advices on organizational models for hospitals.

X as a Service

The traditional resources of a data center are now in a virtual space on the Net; this way and because of the benefits of networking, the service is scalable as it has never been before.

Infrastructure as a service:

Apps as services.


Collaboration Solutions


Sale & provision, implementation, deployment and technical support of Videoconferencing solutions. The solution packs all the following options:

Security Solutions

Silk Technologies covers organizations' needs on Computer Security, Information Security and Information Technology.

Network Convergence

Silk Technologies provides solutions for connectivity needs and organizations' data networks. Silk Technologies tiene soluciones para servicios convergentes (voz, datos y video) y para los distintos ámbitos de aplicación, como ser:

Silk Technologies has solutions for convergent services (voice, data & video) and for diverse instrumentation environments, such as:


Design, implementation, unfolding and installation of an integral datacenter solution, tailor-made, which includes:

Multiservice Core Networks

These Nets allow operator to tighten user satisfaction, to insert smart operations and to adopt the I&T convergence.

Core Networks are indispensable for the convergence of networks, data, services and operations; besides, the nets take advantage of the benefits of mobile Internet and this is why they lead the era of the I&T Convergence.

The Core Networks links different services, such as Internet, private nets, LAN networks or telephony.

Physical Security & Safety

Silk Technologies offers solutions of video-surveillance, IP cameras, control access and incident response. Each solution adapts to the needs of each company.

Digital Billboards

Design and implementation of Digital Billboarding architecture.

Digital signalization can improve user & client experience as it offers custom messages: more relevant, more specific and always at the right moment.


Silk Technologies provides and implements in-house software, third-party software or custom-made new software for satisfying any client's needs. Depending on the company's wishes, the development process involves one or more of these items:


Planning, design, installation and maintenance of infrastructure, with services such as:

Structured Cabling

Counseling, design, installation and maintenance service for the structured cabling, in tune with EIA/TIA/568 international standards and its annexes. Depending on the choice, be it horizontal cabling, backbone cabling or inter-building cabling, the included tasks may be: